Minnesota’s Climate Future: Saving the Places We Love
May 02, 2019 7:15 AM
5950-5960 Forum at St. Paul Town and Country Club
Minnesota’s Climate Future: Saving the Places We Love

As Minnesotans, we cherish our lakes, rivers, forests, animals, the clean water we drink and canoe on. We cannot bear to think of losing these sacred places. Or worse, the thought of our great grandchildren not being able to know and love them, too. Let’s learn how we can act together to save what we love. Grounded in the Rotary Four-Way Test, this community forum will identify places we love and hold sacred; present climate science’s latest findings, impacts and urgency; and identify hopeful solutions to protect further loss of what is sacred to us.  

Featuring Paul Huttner, Chief Meteorologist, MPR

Alan Anderson, Northfield Rotary Climate Action Team

Kathryn Hoffman, MN Center for Environment Advocacy

Nicole Rom, ED Climate Gneration: A Wil Steger Legacy

Russ Stark, Chief Resilience Officer, City of St. Paul