Jul 10, 2019
Peter Kaiser
GREATER MSP: Doubling Down On Our Region’s Economic Success

Coming out of the Great Recession, our region’s job growth was lagging behind the national average and we weren’t winning our fair share of economic expansion. This realization led to the Itasca Project, an employer-led civic alliance focused on building a thriving economy and improved quality of life, creating the GREATER MSP Partnership in 2011. This was a critical shift in approach to expanding our region’s economy to compete and win on a global scale. Together we are making Greater MSP one of the world’s best regions to live and work.

The GREATER MSP Partnership is doubling down on our region’s future economic success. Its board of directors, along with hundreds of Investors, partners and stakeholders throughout the region are accelerating this effort in Partnership 2.0. We are advancing a bolder vision and mission, increased strategic alignment, a clear organizational strategy and stronger partner communications.

The Partnership’s unique platform of collaboration exists to channel inspiration, harness innovation, and propel our region forward in an ever-changing and competitive global economy. This is an exciting time to be engaged in the GREATER MSP Partnership.